I owe you an apology

Nov 10, 2022

Hi, it's Lynn, your adulting coach. I owe you an apology.

On Tuesday this week, I was working on my email sequence that I was hoping to just send out to you one week at a time on Tuesdays. And I didn't know what I was doing. And you all got a bunch of emails for me that were supposed to be dripped out over time.

I apologize for crowding your inbox. That was not my intention. And it was a mistake.

What I want to do to make up for the mistake is teach you a bonus lesson that isn't included in the Art of Adulting yet. But I have found incredibly helpful when I'm coaching and in my own life.

It's about how to apologize.

  1. The first thing I'm going to do is express regret by listing the harmful effects of those actions. No one wants to see 12 emails in their inbox at once from the same sender so I appreciate for the i i apologize for the overwhelm that that caused.
  2. I really want to show respect for your inbox in your time. And that mistake was exactly the opposite of what I intend to do.
  3. So I have gotten now I have corrected it. And I'm going to reinsert you into that sequence of emails, but they'll only come out once a week on Tuesday, I promise. So that's this is my restitution. It's my apology, and it shows you the process that we want to use when we're trying to make a sincere apology.
  4. So the fourth thing is to genuinely repent.
  5. And here's what I'm I've learned how to do is how to change the timing. I promise that I will check with someone at Active Campaign, the email provider, before I make changes, and I've learned how to do that in a quicker way than I used to. So now I know that I will check first.

I don't know that I won't ever make a mistake again. But I have a process to make sure that I minimize the number of mistakes that I made with emails.

So you know I got into this business because I love coaching. And I also have a degree in marketing. So I love that part as well.

But digital marketing is a whole nother bag of tricks that I did not learn at Indiana, Indiana University when I graduated back in 1979. Or in the 18 years I worked in corporate marketing. I've been a mom for the last 26 years and full time and I've been in the in the marketing world for a while but why I'm still going up one heck of a steep learning curve.

So I beg your forgiveness and thank you for your patience. That's a lesson in apologies and sometimes we need it and sometimes other family members need it. And I hope it's helpful to you. And thank you again for being part of my world. Bye for now.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai