Only 25% of 30-year-old autistic adults live independently. 

(Even though 80% of them say they want to after high school graduation.)

We can beat the odds. 

Let's Increase Your Autistic Graduate's Independence Together.

It's One of Three Problems

1 They're not making good decisions

2 They're not structuring their time

3 They're stuck in fear

Get 3 powerful keys to solve these problems that work.

It's nice to meet you...

Hi, I'm Lynn Davison, your adulting coach.

I help autistic graduates increase independence so they become the dominant force in their lives.

We have 6 adult children, all alternative learners, many autistic. Over 40 years we figured out what works with lots of trial and error.

I condensed what we learned into The Art of Adulting Coaching.

After nearly four years and 1,700+ coaching sessions with autistic graduates and their families, what works is inside The Art of Adulting Coaching.

Independence doesn't just happen. Our kids need coaching to practice self-direction skills so they can make their lives on their own. We need help outsmarting the struggles ourselves.

The Art of Adulting Coaching is where we both practice and master self-direction skills to increase independence together through coaching.

Join us!

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