Only 25% of 30-year-old autistic adults live independently. 

(Even though 80% of them say they want to after high school graduation.)

We can beat the odds. 

They can handle stress, escape less on screens, get jobs, and run their lives without us.

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The Exact Roadmap You Will Use To Help Your Autistic Graduate Handle Stress So They Escape Less On Screens, Get a Job And Run Their Life

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Hi, I'm Lynn Davison, your adulting coach.

I help autistic graduates handle stress so they escape on screens less, get good jobs and run their own lives.

We have 6 adult children, all alternative learners, many autistic. Over 40 years we figured out what works so they'll be okay on their own.

I condensed what we learned into the Adulting Roadmap at The Art of Adulting.

After over five years and 2,069+ coaching calls with autistic graduates and their families, we know the Adulting Roadmap works. 

  • Our graduates¬†need¬†a roadmap to follow¬† to be prepared to live on their own.
  • We want to guide them to¬†outsmart the struggles¬†they will face.

The Art of Adulting is where we create our own roadmap to build the life we want together.

Join us!

P.S.¬†Have questions or need assistance? Email me: [email protected]

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