Systematize Independence With Your Autistic Young Adult in 12 Months

Don't make it complicated

It's three steps.

Cultivate hope by harnessing the power of next-ing

✓ Empower them to rule their minds by taking 100% responsibility for their thoughts that create their emotions, actions and results

✓ Grow their grit to do what matters by overcoming adversity so many times they get good at it.

Check out this mini-training that dives into exactly how to create an independence system now that your autistic young adult has aged out of school.

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Celeste and Ian

"Navigating life when you have a child with a serious disability is very hard. Although many of us go through the years, the stages of grief and sorrow, and THINK we are ok -- sometimes we are not.

Cyclical grief can strike at any time and leave one debilitated with depression.

Lynn's course and coaching helps you through those times, by giving you the tools to cope.

Personally, this year, as my 'child' became an 'adult' and fell off the 'services cliff,' depression hit hard. Although I am a very strong person, I was spiraling down a very dark path.

"What happens when I am gone?"
"What is his future really going to look like?"
"Am I EVER going to be happy again?"

Lynn helped me handle these thoughts and keep them on a track of what I can do, and what could be possible, rather than assuming the worst.

Not that every day is good, but the coping techniques provided in her course can help you maintain your sanity as you try to do the best for yourself and your child."


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